Venice Circus Arts Foundation, Inc... 
 Dedicated to keeping circus history alive in Venice 

   Join our team of individuals working together to bring the circus arts back to Venice. With the restoration of the historic Venice Depot, the excitement of the circus and the arrival of the circus train is being preserved, along with a commemorative statue of Gunther Gebel-Williams. 
   The Venice Circus Arts Foundation, Inc., (classified under Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(3)) is working to preserve the history of Circus in Venice Florida and share this art form with the community.         
  The Venice Circus Arts Foundation, Inc. wants to reintroduce Venice (and the world) to its marvelous history. Your support and commitment will make you a vital part of the team working to preserve the circus arts. 

   The Mission of the Venice Circus Arts Foundation is to preserve the circus arts and their heritage (in Venice), create unique educational opportunities, encourage significant economic development and promote family entertainment through the circus experience.

To volunteer for the Venice Circus Arts Foundation please call or email us.
We NEED your help!

General Contact Info
Phone: 941-485-7675
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Mail to:
The Venice Circus Arts Foundation, Inc.
P.O. Box 2220
Venice Florida 34284

Office Address is:
200 Base Avenue
Venice Florida 34285

The Arena Address is...
1401 S. Ringling Dr. Venice, Fl. 34285