Tuesday, April 1, 2014

On Our Horizon

1. Delta Engineering will present the VCAFI with their study in regard to the integrity of the Arena Steel. We believe it will prove our contention that the Venice Circus Arena is a viable building with many years left of useful life. Our Foundation paid for this study with monies raised over the past year.

2. The VCAFI will present an estimate for covering the Arena with State of Florida building code approved fabric to allow use of the arena site as a fundraising venue for the project. The estimate is being prepared for the VCAFI by Anchor Tents, an American firm.

3. The VCAFI will present the City with our own plan to address the RFI (Request For Information) by the Venice Airport. Currently we are assembling all the requirements mentioned in that request.

Thank you Jerry Bergman for creating our Arena model - 200+ man hours! 1mm = 1ft scale. Plus thank you Susan Bergman for letting Jerry take all that time as well!

Special Thanks also to the Venice Museum and Archives curator Michelle Harms for providing valuable historical information essential for the accuracy of the model.

As you end your tax year, please remember the VCAFI and our important work to Save the historic Venice Circus Arena. All cash donations are fully tax deductible.

Thank you.

The VCAFI will participate in "The Giving Challenge" from noon on May 6 to noon on May 7. More to come or contact Jan at info@venicecircusarts.com or call (941) 485-7675